3 Simple Ways Mobile Learning Makes Education More Fun

#1 Connecting with others

We live in an era where we’re more connected than ever, and mobile learning offers a lot of opportunities for kids to connect with others around the world, learning about other places, cultures and beliefs as well as finding common ground and collaborating on tasks and problem-solving. Since mobile devices are usually cheaper and more accessible, more people everywhere are likely to have them. Plus, apps often incorporate the ability to play with others, teaching skills in collaboration and shared problem-solving, skills which many experts identify as critical for 21st century careers. Additionally, experts have long known that the earlier a child is exposed to a language, the easier it is to learn, and now there are many apps and games that will introduce even the youngest children to a foreign language, making it easy for them to pick it up before they’ve started formal schooling. They can learn languages in simple ways like: changing devices language, apps languages and listening to music in other languages. My wife and I frequently expose our three little girls to other languages to make it more natural for them.

#2 Using the world around us

Whether you are on a family road trip or out running errands, tablets and cell phones can make screen time both educational and engaging for your child. One of the benefits of using learning apps and games is that any place you go can be an opportunity to learn something new. On trips, everyone can learn more about places they visit by using a wide variety of apps and online resources to find, navigate, and gain information about new places. One e-learning blogger suggests that you can have kids take pictures of flora and fauna, then search out information on them to learn more about the natural world.

#3 Individualizing learning

The more specific and individualized learning can be tailored to a child, the more likely they will be able to learn. A 2015 study showed that students were actually spending more time studying when they used mobile devices. Mobile learning is well-suited for individualized learning and makes it fun, because it offers so many ways to interact. Mobile devices can provide kids a variety of resources depending on their learning styles and abilities since the availability of videos; interactive resources and references; e-books; audio materials; study guides; study apps that help kids keep to a schedule; and opportunities for collaborating with others, not to mention ways to communicate with teachers.



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